Our Organization

The National Egg Regulatory Officials’ Mission

"To regulate and support the egg industry in a manner that encourages uniformity while promoting food safety and quality assurance."

Our Vision

"A diverse partnership for uniform solutions."

The Purpose of NERO

The membership of the National Egg Regulatory Officials (NERO) consists of State Departments of Agriculture officials involved in the shell egg and egg products regulations and programs, with affiliate members who have an interest in these programs. Examples of areas regulated by members include refrigeration of shell eggs, enforcement of quality and weight standards, enforcement of labeling and invoice requirements, sanitation standards for shell egg processing plants and third party monitoring of Egg Quality Assurance Plans.

Many members have cooperative agreements with USDA to provide shell egg surveillance and egg products inspection authorized by the Egg Products Inspection Act and to provide the Agriculture Marketing Services voluntary poultry and egg grading services.

The primary objective of NERO is to promote uniform standards for quality, safety, labeling and handling of shell eggs and egg products. This ensures a safe, fresh and truthfully marketed egg supply. The National Egg Regulatory Officials conduct various activities to meet this objective.

How NERO Works

NERO utilizes a committee structure to review relative issues and develop recommendations, which are voted on by the entire membership. These recommendations often result in the development of resolutions or model legislation for use by the member states. Standing committees include:

  • Business Committee
  • Federal Relations Committee
  • Standards and Grades Technical Committee
  • Production and Processing Technical Committee
  • State Egg Laws Committee
  • Membership/Communications Committee
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